Web Development


Web Development

Developing a website is a vast area. The web site for the internet or the intranet can be either basic or complex. A plain page of text can be the need of a customer, while another requires complex internet applications. For many social networking sites and the ecommerce sites, the web development have to be complex, for the visitors would need a lot of things get done in these sites. While for many users web development can include the coding, design and graphics, for the professionals, it is just writing mark up and coding.

Different types of sites for varied businesses:

  • You can find that there are 3 types of web development activities that can be done based on your requirements.
  • One is the static sites. These sites are simply telling what your business is. For instance, you are making it just promotional with the info about your site. The visitors cannot interact with the site.
  • The Dynamic sites are where the visitors can interact. These are promotional too, and your customers can comment or like your website. This is better compared with the static sites. If you want to sell your products or services online, then choosing these sites is a good option.
  • There are cases, where the customer needs real interactive sites round the clock. For instance, consider the ecommerce portals, that are ready to sell product at the odd hours too. These sites get the job done in a few clicks, 24/7.

Additional services offered:

You can find the web development services are accompanied by various packages like

  • basic SEO,
  • content management,
  • Professional Emails,
  • Social media marketing,
  • contact form integration,
  • support,
  • Google analytical report,
  • SSL certification,
  • custom web designing,
  • domain name registration,
  • cross browser compatibility,
  • web photography, and lot more features.

When you need of any of them, or the complete package, it is to get them when you are signing the contract.

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